An image movie of the WSP - Wirtschaft und Standortmarketing Pforzheim, which portrays the unprecedented history of the jewelery and watch industry of Pforzheim. 


Richard BETHGE GmbH


The history of Richard Bethge GmbH is dominated by its passionate pursuit of perfection, performance and absolute reliability for decades. Since its establishment by Richard Bethge and his wife Emilie in 1939, these virtues are both incentive and commitment.
With his pioneering spirit, his abilities and his assertiveness, Richard Bethge was able to lay the foundation for one of the today's longest established, family-owned watch companies in Germany. He succeeded in recognizing the opportunities in the economic miracle and increased his staff size from 7 to over 100 employees within a very short time span.
His pilot watches are already legendary. But initiating the foundation of the watchmaker school in Pforzheim over which he presided for 23 years is the crowning of his life's work.
With the entry of his five sons Joachim, Hans, Rolf, Heinz and Wolfgang in the fifties and sixties, the expansion was reinforced. As master watchmakers and instrument mechanics, Joachim, Hans, Heinz and Rolf took charge of the own production and manufacture, whereas Wolfgang successfully developed worldwide distribution. In these years, Richard Bethge GmbH establishes its reputation as one of the global market leaders in manufacturing and restoration of dials, which is its trademark to the present day.
Today, Richard Bethge GmbH is directed by Alexander Bethge. With the entry of Alexander Bethge, the son of Heinz Bethge, the successful continuity as a family business is ensured. Both our clients and our employees appreciate this reliability. Far more than 1,000 jewellers and retailers throughout the world have confidence in the quality of Bethge & Soehne. And more than 20, mostly long-time employees also guarantee the future's success with their knowledge and their professional skills.